Brittany's Sexy Fantasies

Blonde Gives Wedgies to Guy Gets Him to Cum Twice While Demonstrating and Taunting in POV

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Posted: 09/08/2018
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Brittany Lynn loves to give wedgies and is talking in POV to someone who loves to get them. They are not there so she has done the next best thing and gotten a guy to be in a pair of her white fullback panties and lie on her bed. Her plan is to give him wedgies while she talks in POV showing what she'd do with another guy there.

She pulls up hard on the panties the guy is wearing and creates a huge wedgies right up his ass. She talks the whole time she is giving the wedgie about how she could do that to someone else was there too. She then fixes his wedgie and rolls him on his side and gives him another huge wedgie. Then it is on his back for a nice frontal wedgie which sees his balls all but split.

She does this a bit and when he is on his stomach she even smacks and spanks his ass while he has a wedgie. She finally starts to strokes his cock over the panties and under too as she continues to talk in POV. She talks about getting the watcher to cum when the guy laying there does just that.

Not wanting to be done with her wedgies fun, Brittany Lynn takes off the fullback panties she has on and puts them on the guy after taking his cum soaked panties off. She then gets back to the same type of wedgie action, pulling hard, with him on his stomach, side, and back. The whole time she continues to talk and tease the one watching in POV and talks about getting another cumshot. Before she knows it the guy laying there cums again inside her panties and she loves how much of pervert he is for wedgies, as well as how much the watcher in POV is too.

Included in this clip: Wedgies, Panty Fetish, Lingerie, Handjob, Cum in Panties, Spanking, Dirty Talk, Taunting, Talking in POV, Short Hair, Blondes, Brittany Lynn