Lyne Financial Dominatrix

Blackmailed by Sitter

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Posted: 06/20/2018
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Category: Blackmail Fantasy
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Brat Princess , Home Wrecker , Panty Fetish , Bra , Financial Domination

While b4bysitting for you I decide to take some sexy selfies for My BF, when all of a sudden I realize you’re home and spying on Me!  At first I’m completely embarrassed that you caught Me like this.. but then I realize I should take advantage of the situation.  Your wife is upstairs the entire time, but that doesn’t stop you from stripping down and stroking for Me.  Actually, maybe you can even help Me take some pics…. hehe.  In fact, I’ve always thought you were kinda hot… have you ever thought about Me like this? Oooh…. tell Me more. This is such a bad idea and you know it.  I have you right in front of Me, touching yourself as I tease you.  You know that if your wife were to find out about this, she would leave you and take you for EVERYTHING.   You don’t want that, do you?  Now that I have you right where I want you, you’re going to give Me exactly what I want or I’ll ruin your marriage. Hahahaha… you know you can’t resist Me… plus your entire life is in My hands.  You better play along or else…