Mistress Sophia Sylvan

Blackmail Secretary

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Posted: 02/05/2019
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Category: Blackmail Fantasy
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Curvy , Home Wrecker , Pantyhose/Stockings , Big Butts , Femdom POV

I'm your curvaceous, sexy secretary and you invited me to your f****y home for a quickie. I look around, admiring the art and antiques. I sit down, showing off deep cleavage. My short dress rides up high, revealing thick thighs barely contained by tight pantyhose. You're instantly hard, it's your fetish. You always get in trouble with your secretaries, as your home life is unhappy and sexless. I confront you about your failure to divorce your wife as promised, all the while caressing my body and making eye contact. Things have to change--and I see you need a push. How can you face a life with her when you can have an ass like mine any day of the week? I see I have to make some boundaries in our relationship for you to take me seriously. I may be a secretary, but I'm smart. I made a video of our last wild encounter where you fucked my ass and came inside my pussy. Remember how I got you to say that you're wife is plain, too skinny and boring? That her pussy smells? That you only married her for her money? If you don't file for divorce within 3 months, I'll send her the tape. If you don't want to divorce her, you will have to transfer me one million dollars. Honey, I'm being generous, I know you're worth way more than that. I love you after all, I just want us to be together, forever. I know you're scared, that's why I need to take control. Whip out your dick, I can see you're hard and need to release some stress. Look at my tits, so much better than hers, you don't want to miss out on these forever do you? And my pussy, so tight, so wet for you? My curves in pantyhose, how can you resist? I didn't wear any panties and my pussy is on display as you wank for me, and you feel the tables have turned. I have the power now. Get down on your knees and kiss my ass, the longer you wait, the more I will up the ante. I'll make you submit more and more and do increasingly more degrading things, you're used to being the boss but now I'm taking control, and you're weak after all, I see that now. No powerful big shot CEO anymore, just a kneeling wanking man, who is going to be all mine, very soon.

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