Blackmail Fuckover pt.2

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Clip length: 00:11:39
Posted: 11/28/2016
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Category: Blackmail Fantasy
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Home Wrecker , Goddess Worship , Financial Domination , Brat Girls , Female Domination

You do not have permission to buy this movie before you view part 1! As I announced you in the first part, this blackmail is completely different. These simple things like: I tell your wife - I tell it to your boss - bla bla bla bla ... soooo boring! Rejoice now already on it, because you already know one ... the Internet NEVER forgotten! But what should I do with the Internet? There is still a very special thing - you have not yet experienced! For me, however, it is quite easy to design - and believe me, the media tear themselves only to learn more about it! As a top elite mistress, I just need to snap my finger and even get paid princely when I bring a story about you ... so do not wait too long! This time it could be very dangerous for you! Your good reputation is at stake! Do not let it come so far!