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Black Balloon Scissor Fantasies

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Posted: 11/30/2018
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Category: Scissorhold
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Balloons , Bikini , Femdom POV , Legs

This video is a little treat for my scissorsubs!

What would it be like to be scissored by my thighs? Fully trapped and under My control, taking your breath away, where do you stare off when you are beyond breathing?  Do you have feelings of hopelessness, exhaustion, fear sweat, excitement dribble, pleasure and trouble all at once?

Think about feeling the strength of my legs as I straighten them out as well as pulse them around your neck or ribs, or even hips.... 

Watch me squeeze a black balloon as I talk about breathplay as an experienced Scissorqueen in the classic bikini.

I enjoy watching you tense up, gasp for air, your wrists and arms involuntary giving away your state. When will I let you breathe again? Too bad (or good) for you I know this is your fantasy, I put together a few kinky trains of thought that only a scissorsub would understand. Step into My fantasy,



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