Lyne Financial Dominatrix

Bl4ckmailed & Seduced Out of D4d's company

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Clip length: 00:11:30
Posted: 09/13/2018
File size: 435.63 MB
Category: Blackmail Fantasy
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Masturbation Instruction , Cum Eating Instruction

Custom clip description: "You are an employee of my f****r who just passed and I inherited his company. You come to my office to congratulate me. You start teasing me a little bit and you tell me that you 've seen me checking you out during the years. You can see i can't resist. You begin by being sweet and seductive and you tell me that you know I 've wanted this for long and you tell me to take out my dick. Then everything changes as you see how small it is. "I was going to seduce you but this is too much. Look at you, you 're even getting more turned on as I humiliate you". You then tell me that I don't deserve the company and that I should be working for you. You tell me that you 're going to record me jerking off and take over the company. I try to resist and you get mad, you tell me that because I resisted I 'm gonna be cumming on my face. You tell me that if I want to cum I have to sign the contract giving you the company. I 'm at your mercy and you don't care. I need to cum so I sign the contract. You make some more fun of me telling me that you 're sure that I 've jerked off to you a million times, making fun of how weak and how small I am and things like that. You tell me it's time for the finale and you take out your phone and start filming me. You tell me that if I want to cum I have to flip my legs over my head and beg you to let me cum on my face. You laugh as I start begging you while my little dick is over my face. You finally let me cum on my face while laughing. "

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