Ceara Lynch

Bitch Tease Popper Play

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Clip length: 00:09:09
Posted: 02/28/2019
File size: 667.88 MB
Category: Bi Humiliation

I’ve got your favorite little potion for fucking with your head. Try to resist, but you know I love to forcibly intoxicate you. After I’ve made you inhale some pop-pers, you’re willing to do anything to make me happy. It seems like the only way to get you to loosen up is by coercing you with a little sniff from that tiny potent bottle. Once your mind is consumed by your euphoric state, you can’t help giving into your desire to jerk for me. All you can think about now is my perfect body and getting off. I know I own you, teasing you and encouraging you to surrender to yourself to me. You’ve become entranced and trapped from all that pop-per sniffing like my sexy legs bound in fishnets, bedazzling you with their dizzying crisscross patterns.

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