Goddess Christina

Bikini Goddess Slave Worship Training

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Posted: 08/19/2018
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Masturbation Instruction , Bikini , Humiliation , Femdom POV , Brat Girls

You love worshiping your perfect Bikini Goddess. Bowing before me and obeying me is programmed in your DNA. It’s practically completely natural. But can you truly be my perfect obedient slave that obeys on command? That is what I expect of all my slaves. Obey on a single snap of my pretty little finger. Goddess knows that stroking puts you into your absolute weakest state. You want to cum so badly that you’ll do almost anything to please me. This time it’s not about paying me (which is your no 1 duty as my lowly slave and my favorite way of making you submit). This is about doing as Goddess says. And that’s exactly what you’ll do!