Biceps vs Beta

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Posted: 04/21/2018
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Category: Biceps
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Muscle Worship , Humiliation , Legs

Custom clip, no names are used. You're a weak beta male and you know your place is to bow down in front of your Alpha Princess. In case there was any doubt about how much stronger and superior I am, i'm dressed up in a tight shiny leotard which leaves my sculpted muscles on display. Stroke your pathetic premature cock and imagine humping my thighs, and holding on to my firm biceps as I fitness pose for you. My legs are so strong and ripped. My biceps are popping like never before. My ass is sooo peachy, and you can even catch glimpses of my chiseled abs under this tight fabric. You're in beta loser heaven, and it's all you can do but to sit back, take my humiliation, and try not to cum too quick in your pants.