Hannah in Fetish Land

Between a Bitch and a Hard Place

Price: $15.99
Clip length: 00:16:22
Posted: 03/21/2019
File size: 1.17 GB
Category: Forced Stripping
Secondary categories:
Humiliation , Embarrassment

Hannah is waiting on her suspected guest that isn't really expecting Hannah to be there. Tiffani walks in greating Hey Baby. Oh but she wasn't aware that it was her baby's wife waiting on her. Tiffani tries to play it off like she was on the phone and she just come to get her watch from Hannah's husband. But Hannah is no dummy and she isn't going to allow that lie to slide. She just wants Tiffani to admit that she is fucking her husband. Tiffani keeps giving the run around and Hannah makes it clear that she wont be going anywhere just yet and that Tiffani isn't getting away with this. Hannah snatches Tiffani's phone from her hand and gets straight to the messages between Tiffani and Hannah's husband. Next thing you know she is making Tiffani strip right there in front of Hannah and she wont be leaving until she is fully naked. And needless to say thats exactly how she will be leaving also.