Ceara Lynch

Beta Male Love Spell Brainwash - Pt. 2

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Clip length: 00:28:18
Posted: 12/09/2018
File size: 642.23 MB
Category: Mesmerize

Betas always come back. You have no where else to go, nobody wants you. No friends, no f****y, all you have is me. I know how to make everything in your life all better. All those worries simply vanish when you gaze into my eyes. The sound of my voice can make you do anything I want. Being a submissive slave is your true worth in this world. That's why you keep coming back to me. The first time just wasn't enough, completely powerless to my seduction. If only you were an Alpha Male that could resist my charms and fuck me like a real man... all you get is a very long and teasing mindfuck!

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