Belly Play On the Boat! Fatness and Farts!

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Posted: 06/23/2017
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I was feeling bloated and horny and I had a big round belly to play with... what else could I do?! I had to indulge myself and YOU get to watch me!

My tummy felt so stretched from all the coke I'd been d******g and I'd already been farting up a storm before I started recording so a long, intense belly massage was in order. I rubbed and pressed my big, bulging gut, kneading every inch of my soft stomach and loving every moment. Rubbing moisturiser into my belly helped to ease some of the aches and the discomfort from the stretching and the gas. Don'tcha wish you were there to help me?? ;)

Before long an occasional fart started to slip out! Oops! Guess I did a good job of massaging my windy tummy, huh?? Bubbly blasts started to escape between massages... I hope there were no other boats around to hear! Feeling naughty and inspired by the sight of my round tum, I grabbed the moisturiser one last time and started writing on my belly with the soothing cream... "FAT" and "GASSY" ...which I followed with a smiley face before slowly rubbing them into my soft middle.

I'm so damned proud of my belly and this is the biggest I've ever been - can't wait to grow more! ;)

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