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Belly Brawl Chanel Yeoung

Price: $18.99
Clip length: 00:20:37
Posted: 02/11/2019
File size: 784.86 MB
Category: Belly
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Damsel in Distress , BellyButton , Dancing , Asian , All Natural

Chanel Yeoung stumbles in wearing a cropped top and low slung bikini bottom leaving little to the imagination and emphasizing her long stretch of belly. Panting for breath and confused, it dawns on her that you are the one that has taken out all of those girls in the news.She follows your orders to lift her hands high and her top lifts over her perfect tits as her belly heaves in and out in fear. The tease of underboob is exciting, but you have other motives. Since you have been watching her in a belly dancing class, she tries to seduce you with her skills and slowly lowers her hands as her abs undulate in a sensual rhythm. The bottoms are tugged downward and she begs you not to destroy her perfect body.Sensing that it is working, she dances more, but suddenly her eyes widen and she begs as you pull the trigger. Slamming into the wall, she moans as her belly jerks inward and outward, emphasizing her sexy curves.As the pain takes over, she pleads for you to help her and offers her body for sex. Time is running out as she spreads her pussy lips while her belly arches and expands. Exertion causes sweat to pool in her belly and it drips down between her legs.Her breathing slows down until she lies there silent and limp.

OTHER KEYWORDS-belly dancing, belly dropping, belly drops, Chanel Yeoung, Chanel Young, real tits, 

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