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Being Grounded by D***y by Kerri King

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Clip length: 00:07:09
Posted: 08/21/2016
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Category: Taboo
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Role Play , Blackmail Fantasy , Fetish , Female Domination

I know I haven't been my most productive while away at college, D***y. I REALLYYYYY don't want to be grounded for being on academic probation, so let me give you a few options to entice you to avoid punishment. I turn into the perfect cock tease for you, and assure you that *** will never find out. I give you something to look forward to when you get off of work and remind you that it will be just we can do whatever we want. My dirty talk completely washes your brain of any momentary thought of ***, while I promise nothing but pleasure in her absence. Show me what D***y's Girl has been wanting to see all of these years!