Beautiful B's Kinky Fun and Punishment!

Beginner Foot Slave training

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Posted: 03/24/2017
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Category: Foot Humiliation
Secondary categories:
Foot Worship , Smoking , Foot Domination , Dangling

(with a friendly, warm attitude)"you and I are going to have a life altering conversation.” “Don’t mistake my brutal frankness for meanness; I want to help you have a more fulfilling life….a life with me”…“ You do want to be with me don’t you?”(warm/friendly attitude) “Drop your pants and start stroking” .. “don’t panic baby, I know all about your tiny cock and your troubles getting hard, disappointed women do talk you know”. “ If you want to have a relationship with me….you’re going to have to do what I say …right now, and without hesitation”“that’s better” (feel free to make observations of small/softness)“Look at me, did you ever think you’d be here stroking with someone like me?”. “ If you do what I say…wonderful things will happen, maybe our lips will meet….you’d like that wouldn’t you?”. (I’ll be saying yes of course) “that sounds like you’re begging, are you begging to kiss me?”...” Then do what I say without hesitation”(extend a foot…but return to your lovely face as soon as appropriate) “kiss my foot princess” (can calling me princess still be warm/friendly?). "Now open wide and take in as much you can until you gag” …”Semi hard (sigh) you’re going to have to get harder than that, I don’t date fags” (lol try to make that warm and friendly somehow)(now your attitude will start changing away from friendly)"let’s recap….on a moment’s notice you came here with the champagne, flowers and donuts that I requested. A few minutes later you’re kneeling in front of me and jerking your pathetic little cock while gagging on my foot”. “After you leave my real date is coming over to help me enjoy the champagne…..then he’s gonna take me in ways you never could. Is the picture clear enough?’re a loser. ""Wrapping you around my finger will be easier than I thought. “you do want to be my loser, don’t you?” …..“look at the mess you made, congratulations… you have a sex life now.. say thank You Goddess B (or whatever name you prefer)” from now on you call me (whatever name)”.“you’re not worthy of me as is, so Saturday you and I are going shopping so you can buy me a new dress or 2.” “shut back talk”“In the meantime … (your usual commands for a gift card ;) )“Now you’ve got 3 minutes to clean your loser load up and get out of here before I ….

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