Goddess Rosie

Beg For Princess's Dick

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Posted: 12/21/2018
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Brat Princess , Ebony , Strap-On , Female Domination

The pleasure I get from stuffing your mouth full of my cock is purely delightful. You…a grown man with a huge dildo in his mouth. It’s quite the sight to see.


When you are on your knees for me nothing else matters. We are not equals… I am your superior. The one you lust and love. The one you can’t stop thinking about because I fuck your mind up how I want.


As you’re on your knees slut you KNOW you need me. You NEED my cock. You NEED to beg for it. I’m going to make you beg so good. I’m going to make you so wet.


Beg for this dick. Because pretty soon you will be sucking real ones for me. That's right faggot. It's time to put your mouth to use for my pleasure. I love seeing you on your knees like this. You're going to look so right sucking off a true alpha male.