Miss Kelle Martina

Bedwetter's Punishment

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Posted: 08/30/2018
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Adult Baby , Taboo , Humiliation , Femdom POV

Come over here, young man. What did I tell you about wetting the bed? I said that, if you wet the bed one more time, you were going to have to go back in diapers and, as your punishment, you’re not only going to be wearing diapers today, you’re going to be wearing diapers all week long. No more underwear for you. No more toilet privileges. No, you’re going to be wearing a d****r every day for the next week. And, to really punish you, I’m pulling you out of school. You have to wear a binkie in your mouth all the time to stop you from talking back to me. You’re going to have mushy food and a milk bottle and bath time with me. To really let the humiliation set in, I’m taking you to the park so all the other babysitters can see you in your stroller and all your friends from school will see you as a little babie.

A strict and humiliating punishment for the bed wetter.