Kelle Martina

Bedtime with Babysitter

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Posted: 10/01/2018
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Do you want to be my little babie? I know that you have very little desires. Little desires inside to be my sweet little babie. How about a nice warm sponge bath with little rubber ducky here, followed by a big fluffy toweling off, after I’ve washed you in all of your naughty little places. You’re going to get the pink babie lotion smoothed all over your skin, your bottom, in between your legs, and right on your belly, then you’ll get your big, pink binkie and, if you’re not tired yet, I’m going to put warm milk and honey in your bottle. That warm, milky baby bottle will put you right to s***p with Mommie’s little lullabies.

A sweet and nurturing bedtime ritual.