Become My Fart Slave - How To Apply - Gurgle Goddess is Your Fart Goddess

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Posted: 02/05/2017
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It's been asked of me.. it's been demanded of me... You've been asking and begging and pleading with me to take you on as my Fart SIave.

You've seen me farting like crazy on video after video; you've watched me deflate my big, bloated tummy in front of your eyes, you've dreamed of inhaling the scent of my belly gas as I let it out from between my huge round butt cheeks and you've dreamed of me commanding you to take my gas with my mesmerizing, compelling voice. But you never thought for a second that your dreams could come true.

Now, they just might.

I am taking on a Fart Slave.

There is a possibility of more than one, but I will be accepting one for certain at the very least.

Location is no problem. I will use every tool in my posession to make you feel as though you are taking my farts right in your face. There will be videos, streams, emails, snapchat, skype, kik and more at our disposal. All those will be available to my lucky chosen one.

For your chance to apply you must first buy this video. It's my way of checking you are over 18 and to fund the time and resources I'll need to run the application process. There's been a lot of interest already so it's going to take a while to select my perfect S1ave. I want to give every single one of you all the time and attention that you deserve to make sure I make the right choice. I am accepting new applications throughout February and into March 2016.

All applicants will be given access to a small members site which will offer exclusive content through the application process! There will be bonus videos, clips, photos and sounds for you as well as vlogs and the chance to talk with me and each other, if you choose to. I know how to treat my SIaves well :)

You can remain anonymous if you choose and all your details will remain confidential. 

In this video you will receive the URL and log-in details for the blog that you will need to visit to apply. I also blow off several times with big, bubbly gusts of wind from my round backside, bending over in my dark red dress as I fart in your direction to show you what's in store for my lucky Fart S1aves!

Whether you want a demanding Fart Mistress who will dominate you and demand you eat my farts, or a gentle Goddess who will encourage and coax you out of your comfort zone and into my line of fire, the role will be shaped around your own personality, strengths and desires. I will be the right kind of Fart Mistress for you.

If you worship me as your Goddess, show me the greatest of respect and think you can withstand the big, powerful farts that I'll be saving up just for you, then buying this video will give you all the details you need to apply.

Go on, take that first step. My gassy gut and I are waiting for you ;)