Ceara Lynch

Basement Foot Licking Loser CEI

Price: $6.99
Clip length: 00:06:15
Posted: 07/30/2018
File size: 453.19 MB
Category: Foot Humiliation

This might be a weird first date since I asked you to come over to my basement instead of a restaurant, but I think you’ll like what’s for dinner. I have a suspicion about you that you’re not like the other guys at work, which is why I asked you out. The truth is I wanted to tell you something. I’ve noticed you checking me out, but especially whenever I take my shoes off at the office. I’ve seen you crane your neck for a better view of my pretty feet, looking away whenever I catch you sneaking a peek. That’s why I think you’ll enjoy what I have planned. To be honest I have zero intentions of dating you, but I’ve always wanted a foot servant. I figured you’d enjoy licking my feet if they were dirtier so my dungeon seemed perfect for my new foot slave. Isn’t this a better relationship? You can dine on my sweaty feet every night, worshipping my delicious toes and licking my smooth soles. I’ll even let you jerk off while you suck on my feet. Keep jerking that cock and make yourself a tasty dessert to lick off those perfect feet.