Villa Aspasia- Contessa Zoe's Playhouse

Barefoot Crud and Sweaty Foot Worship with Contessa Zoe

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Clip length: 00:07:57
Posted: 06/27/2016
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Category: Dirty Feet/Shoes

Listen to my feet scoot across the dusty, filthy floor. I havent taken out my feet much this summer so this is the first foot video of the fall, fresh pedicure with pink on pink french tip polish, foot wiggling. I talk about how Id like to shove me feet in your throat, or fishhook you with my toes, getting you to lick all the filth from my feet that Ive collected. Fuzzies, hairs, foot wrinkles, underfoot, I know you filthy toe cleaners are up for the job. I talk a little, and you can hear some of my music and background noise as you fantasize about licking, cleaning and massaging my feet. I talk about how the foot crud feels mixing with my sweat. Very up close toe wiggling I know it will t*****e you that you cant reach out and lick them for me, or ask for permission to clean them again just in case you didnt get it all the first time. Lots of focus on soles