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Balloon Therapy - Luna Lain

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Posted: 07/12/2018
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Featuring Luna Lain!

Welcome to your session for balloon therapy. I will help you get over your fear of popping balloons. It may seem unorthodox, but I am going to blow these up and pop them in front of you so that you can hear the big, scary noise and learn to control your phobia. I am not scared, and neither should you.Watch as I inflate these balloons and get familiar with being around them. It is so easy to put them up to my big lips and blow my cheeks out in order to inflate them.  Listen as my fingernails rub the latex and make that ubiquitous squeaky sound. My red fingernails squish the rubber and I am in control. Relax and breathe while I do this. I made them nice and small so you can watch as I wrestle with them in creative positions. This small ball of rubber is not going to be in charge of our emotions.Since we never know what is going to happen when we try to pop the balloons, we have to be ready for the surprise of when they are ready to pop and that is a rather zen concept, don't you think? With a few more sessions you should be completely cured.

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