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BAD DOG punishment Ballbusting with the Contessa

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Posted: 08/23/2018
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Category: Ball Busting
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Masks , Costumes , Female Domination

I try to take my new leashed dog for a stroll through the dungeon and they try to pee on a cage.. NOT OKAY. They've done a bad dog thing and need to be punished with hard kicks between their puppy legs busting up that dogcock they don't need anymore.


Enjoy a HARD Ballbusting with a slave sweating their balls off while I destroy them in a full fleece onesie pyjama suit and mascot head. Their breath is restricted, their sensations are numbed out, but one thing they can't ignore are the audibly forceful punishment kicks from my legs in thigh high boots.


- Leather Gloves

- Rope Harness and Leash

- Mascot Head (Breath Play)

- Footy Pjs (Temperature Play + Sensory Dep)

- Ballbusting

- Ball Kicking


- Cosplay

- Costume

- Dehumanization

- Dildo on a Leash

- Bondage Leash

- Sheer Panties

- Ball Grabbing and Punching


Enjoy.. and know the puppy learned their lesson quickly.

~ the "Contessa"