Devi Rose

Armpit Worship

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Posted: 04/15/2019
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Category: Armpits
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Fetish , Mesmerize , Mindfuck , Sub Training , Goddess Worship

you were always attracted to the softest parts on bodies, particularly women's bodies, even more so? MY body.  From our lips to our pussies there are many areas in which this soft skin can be found, but one that was always on the back of your mind was armpits...for your armpits are not only soft, but their scent is mesmerizing.  Women have a smell to them like no other, the pheromones get into your brain, making it all warm and fuzzy, it clouds your judgment so you are only pulled further in.  Breathe deep with me...and back out...good just like that.  You can't fight it, you can't hide it, this is you, this is your love.  you are infatuated by My silky armpit skin, the smells have sent chemical reactions into your brain cells, strengthening your need for My armpits.  Don't look away, don't stop breathing, exist with me, indulge with me.