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Arm Tests Part 2 - Little Mina

Price: $16.99
Clip length: 00:17:46
Posted: 02/10/2019
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Category: Male Domination
Secondary categories:
Damsel in Distress , Muscle Worship , Flexing , Biceps , Humiliation

Little Mina continues her medical exam by the men obsessed with her arm's muscle tone. They flex her biceps after stripping her yoga pants and sports bra. She struggles to make the muscle bigger as their fingers dig into her flesh. In a strength test, she pushes her whole body weight against a man.

Her neck is collared and arm cuffs are added. She's leashed and ballgaged. They direct her to crawl like a puppy and remove the collar and cuffs after she obediently follows directions. She's confused when ordered to put the leggings and crop top on.

They want her to flex her biceps and she tries to make her little muscles grow. A tight gold band squeezes her skin and a bloodpressure cuff checks her heart rate on the other arm.

The men want more pressure on her arms and walk her while tightly her arms. She tries to make it harder by resisting with all of her weight, but they are too strong. Mina goes to her knees and back up again as they play with her muscles.

The cuffs are tighter and her arms swell from all of the pressure. Walking outside with her arms held, they take her back to where they found her.

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