Christina Q

Application for REAL chastity

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Posted: 07/04/2017
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Category: Chastity
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Female Domination , BDSM

My email inbox is full with notes from males thanking me to be their "keyholder." They beg, they insist, they promise they'll do anything if I will just allow them to send me the key to their chastity device. It's ridiculous. If you want me to be your Dick warden, you don't get to tell me what chastity device you want to wear; you don't get to pick out your own lock, you don't get to decide when you want me to let you go. That's pretended chastity. It's not real if you have a copy of the key, or if it's in a lock you can snip off with a pair of cuticle scissors. It's not real if you know you can take it off whenever you're sick of it. It's not real if you don't feel that your Kock belongs entirely to a woman, a woman who has all the power, and won't give your dick parole until she feels like it. This video is for people who are very certain and serious they want to enter into a chastity contract with me. It will explain how to apply to be my chastity prisoner, and give details on how to get accepted into my little "program". I'll choose the device you where. I'll tell you when it comes off. And I'll send you a lock of my very own, and that way will know there is in no way you can lock yourself. Don't ask me to hold your key. Tell me what makes your silly little penis worthy of my consideration - convinced me that you can handle real chastity. Don't you dare call me a keyholder.