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Anime Sissy: Double Nipped & Whipped! Tenderized by Contessa Zoe-FULL

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Clip length: 00:21:36
Posted: 06/03/2016
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Category: Female Domination
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Sissy Training , Costumes , Wax Play , Corporal Punishment , CBT

I have made Sissy Slut Kira my Double-Nipple Anime whore. In this video I draw on an extra set of nipples to t*****e her with and make her red all over her sissy tits and fully underneath her panties with sissy box busting, crotch kicks, slaps and whips. I use clamps, weights, pegs, wax, canes, paddles, boots, bells, fly swatters, straps and floggers on her as well. Im excited to dish out what I feel like, wearing a rubber vest, thigh high stockings garter, cheetah print boyshorts and pvc jacket and stiletto boots. Ive donned a black wig and cat ears for the occasion with pinky claws since Im feeling playful and sadistic like a proper Bitch Kitten. She is mostly silent save for squeaking her little toy when I harvest some anal orgasms from her slutty hole with minty lube warmed up with cat- eye marbles to match my ears. I remind her to breathe. I narrate a little, and say a few things to her, but as my carefree cat Im doing what I want, including leaning back full weight on her sissy labia (balls) and swaying on them, crouching in my heels. I play to the camera a bit, but mostly my focus is on what Im doing and basking in it. I break my favourite fly swatter toy many many times in this video. I love that. My Double Nipped Anime Slut Puppy keeps her clothes on but is still a whore for her assgasms. She's marked like crazy beneath her panties.Enjoy,Contessa Zoe Aspasia