Angel will turn you into an addict

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Posted: 09/19/2018
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Lipstick , Latex , Tease & Denial , Chastity

Here you are again, next to your Goddess... Princess... You will be gone for a while but she wants to make sure you still remember her and worship her every day... That's right she wants you to edge daily... she wants you to be really weak and addicted so once you're back she can have all the fun in the world with your weak mind and helpless cock... Can you endure prolonged chastity? Can you endure edging every morning until you see her again? How many days can you go by without cumming... THIS WILL BECOME A RITUAL so once you've hit bottom she will have those pops ready to melt you into total submission and mind control... can you resist? do you want to resist? That's the question..