Miss Kelle Martina

Anal Training with Experiment 7

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Posted: 05/16/2018
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Medical Fetish , Female Domination

Experiment 7 is back and he’s ready for his proper anal exam. He’s been cleaned out thoroughly with three large enemas and his hole is looking nice and pink. Let’s start by seeing how my fingers feel.

His asshole feels rather snug around my finger but if there’s one thing I can do it’s fit large toys into small holes. I remind him to take deep breaths and relax and push one gloved finger into his asshole. Relaxing will allow him to take even more.

I cover my hand in lube and continue working a second finger into his tight asshole but it’s not quite fitting yet so I grab a prostate massager. I begin working it in slowly until, eventually, it slides right in. What was once a struggle is now easy thanks to my relaxing technique. I know another way to relax boys. Let’s try that…

I start stroking his cock whilst pushing down on the toy in his ass with my other hand to stimulate his prostate. How does it feel when I rock the toy back and forth against his prostate? It seems to be hitting the spot.

I explore Experiment 7’s ass.