Queen Sheridan

All You Think About Is Sex

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Clip length: 00:07:08
Posted: 09/25/2017
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Category: Femdom POV
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Corset , Humiliation

I also have a "cinematic" version of this clip with a more intimate look to it. I think you should buy both, don't you?

I start out asking you a simple question- "Are you hard?" Silly, I know. Of course you are. You're always horny. Why is that? Never get laid? Or hardly ever? Maybe you get to fuck ugly chicks lol! Maybe you're a virgin! I don't know anything about you personally and I don't care to either. All I need to know about you is that you are jerking your dick while I insult you and tell you that you are worthless. Like what you see? Are you still jerking? You disgust Me. I can't stand losers like you. Like what you hear too? Yep. See? Told you I already know all I need to know about you.

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