Miss Noel Knight

All Day CBT Challenge

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Posted: 07/02/2014
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Femdom POV

p>Keywords: CBT Instruction, Femdom POV, Sadism, BDSM, Cock Bondage, Slave Assignment, Seduction

In the start of this clip, I tease and seduce, spanking softly and showing off my curvy little body in order to gain your submission. Of course, once I've got you in the palm of my hand all of that changes. I tell you that I want you to suffer. I want you to hurt for me all day long. I've a very simple CBT task in mind for you today. It's easy to do, technically speaking, but it won't be easy to complete. I'll be you'll be begging for mercy after the first hour. But we both know I don't have any mercy and the worse your balls feel, the happier I become. Now, follow along little slave boy, and offer up all that pain to me.

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