Miss Kelle Martina

Alien Queen's Host

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Posted: 08/26/2015
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Category: Aliens and Monsters
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Role Play , Impregnation , Femdom POV , Fantasy , Female Domination

Hello Human, let me introduce myself. I am Queen Kelle of the Andromeda galaxy. Unfortunately, I am the last of my species. I have chosen you as my host. You have the most important task of carrying my female spawn inside your belly. My organ will spurt forth a wonderful green fluid which will fill your belly to bursting. Over the next few months you’ll grow and grow with a huge round belly. I find the impregnation process very pleasurable. You may not, but it’s importance is paramount.

Once you’re are ready your huge throbbing belly will explode, releasing hundreds of my spawn and ensuring the continuation of my race. On my planet, unlike yours—all males are simply hosts for superior females. Inserting my organ into your mouth and filling your belly with my spawn gives me an intense pleasure. You too, should feel that you are fulfilling a higher purpose with this task I have chosen for you. You will not survive long after the birth, but you will be remembered.

A fantastic sci-fi impregnation story from beginning to end.