Aggressive Belching and Chronic Hiccup Attack

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Posted: 01/22/2017
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I gulped down a can of coke in a really agressive manner, swallowing down loads of air along with every gassy mouthful, and could feel it fizzing up a storm inside me. My belly was just full of gas and bloated to the max as I started letting out aggressive belches that came right from my gut and rang through the air. To my horror I discovered this was also a way of giving myself a violent and chronic attack of the hiccups! They came one after another, very hard and fast, bouncing my big belly as I could hear and feel the liquid sloshing inside me with every last one. I felt really stupid and embarrassed; my hiccups sounded really dumb and made me so ashamed of my chronic gas attack. I thought they were going to go on forever, punctuated with burps, but eventually some persuasive belly massaging cured them.

However a horrible attack of indigestion set in. My chest and stomach had been wracked with the hiccups so violently and I'd d***k the coke so fast that there were more air bubbles trapped under my rib cage and no matter what I did I couldn't get rid of them. I felt really uncomfortable and it hurt a lot, so in desperation I tried gulping down another coke to shift it. Thankfully it seemed to work and I started releasing deep belches as well as a sudden fart as all the gas travelled out my stomach and left me finally free of indigestion and gas. But now I had 2 cans of coke in my belly, sloshing around. I wasn't going to forget that gas attack for some time!

Personal note: This is one of my favourite videos of all time, even though it's just a candid little webcam vid. It wa also the first major hiccup attack I caught on camera... to be honest, it was the first major hiccup attack i'd had in years... and since then I've had them a LOT more regularly! I actually watch this video back a LOT, and I enjoy myself every time, if you know what I mean ;)

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