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Agent Carter Interrogates the Double agent using her SEXY PANTYHOSE

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Posted: 02/21/2017
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Booty Shaking , Masturbation Instruction , Pantyhose/Stockings , Femdom POV

It's 1941 and the best agent the SSR has ever had is back after an amazing break through in the most recent case, but Peggy Carter has learned of a possible double agent within the ranks. Equipped with another of Tony Stark's magnificent little spy gadgets, she's set out to find the suspect. YOU. After getting you to her office, you finally awake to see her amused with excitement, after all Peggy has been wanting to try these new secret weapons out on a helpless male for so long! you eventually give in to her, as do all men. Only to find yourself wanting more of her, more of those...intoxicating, tic, delicious and sexy set of inhibitors...those PANTYHOSE are going to be the end of your duty to the enemy, you now belong to the infamous Agent Peggy Carter of the SSR. Reporting only to HER.