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Posted: 02/19/2016
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Laughing , Drinking , Housewives , Voyeur

After the first unusual experience with the tea, Ms Morgan Thorne invites her friends over again and Madison Steele brings over more of the strange tea. This time they are joined by Mei Vixen and Miss Angel, who want to hear all about Madison's pool boy. The strange burping starts happening again and the ladies try to fight it but quickly give in to the belching. The tea tastes quite good despite the noxious eruptions of gas and bad breath, so the ladies continue to drink until there isn't any left.



In this clip: Ms Morgan Thorne, Miss Angel, Madison Steele, Mei Vixen, Burping, Bad Breath, Adult Theatre, Laughing, Housewives, Hat Fetish, Embarrassment, Fetish

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