Lindsey Leigh

After The Bar

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Posted: 12/20/2016
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Category: Drinking

Hey loser!! How was your night out with your friends? Did you get nice and tipsy like I told you to? I bet you did, because I know you love following My orders. Now you get to go to bed like the pathetic loser you are, alone, beating one off to my videos. Just the way I like it, the only girl you come home alone to, jerking off to me. Now pull that dick out you horny, tipsy, fool.. Hahaha. I'm sure you tried to hit on some desperate girls tonight at the bar, but all you did was spend on their drinks, and be blown off to run home to my clip store.. No more buying whores drinks at the bar, you're going to be spending all of that on me, because we both know your fate after every night out. You'll be wasted, horny, and then milked by my command.. Now go chug another beer, do another shot, and repeat this clip! HAVE BEER & inebriant AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT THIS CLIP.