Kelle Martina

After Prom JOI

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Clip length: 00:08:20
Posted: 11/06/2018
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Category: Role Play
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Strip Tease , Tease & Denial , Femdom POV

So what I'd like is a 8 minute video, and if you do have both that gown and tiara, I have the idea now of this being a sequel to "Jock Fag Exposed", in which, having put that bully in his place, you've now gone to give a good time to one of the shy nerds he was picking on -- Me. You tell me that you only left the prom with him in order to humiliate him, but that I'm the one you really like, and then you show it by giving me a striptease dance.

0-4 min: Slowly dancing and stripping, with lots of swaying, and hip gyrations. Remove the gloves first, then lower the straps of the dress, then slowly unzip the dress and pull it down to your waist.

4-8 min: Remove your bra and then dance topless, with the dress still on from the waist down, so you almost look like a dancing mermaid. (If the dress won't stay in place, maybe hold it up with a belt or sash or something.) Lots of gyrating and suggestive hip thrusting. Give me plenty of JOI, whatever you want to say, except always refer to my "penis", as I'm turned off by slang terms like "cock", "dick", etc. Use fairly wide-angle camera shots to I can see as much of you as possible. -- I'm not big on close-ups.