After Our Date - Feet JOI

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Posted: 03/11/2017
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Category: Foot/Shoe Fetish

The spark has gone from our relationship a bit lately, so I snuck onto your laptop and took a look at what you'd been browsing during your 'me time' - I had NO idea you have a foot fetish! Why didn't you tell me, sweetie? You know I have such pretty little feet. I don't find it weird; I think it's sexy, and our sex life is about to get much more interesting now. You see, I went out and got a fresh pedicure just for you. My pink soles are so silky and soft. My toes smell delicious. I even treated myself to a sexy new pair of Louboutins to wear tonight. I know how much you love expensive heels. So I want to tease you, I want you to stroke, as I detail everything I'm going to do to you with my feet after our date tonight. Go on, get really worked up. Bring your dick to the edge for me as you stare at my pedicured toes and wrinkled soles. Watch my toes point and flex. I'm going to give you the best footjob ever. But for now, you're teased and denied, because you need to tuck that cock away, and stare at my creamy highly arched feet in these red bottomed shoes all night, before you're allowed 'dessert'.