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After-hours Tutor Genevieve FUCKS your best friend

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Posted: 05/27/2018
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Didn't think My "after-hours Tutor Genevieve" series could get any hotter? prepare to be brought back to class My addicted Good boy. Now, you've been away for a while and a woman has needs, even a businesswoman/Goddess like Myself craves dick as often as possible...I'm a sexual vixen, but you know this. So, My love...your dick just doesn't satisfy Me anymore, I deserve better, you know this. I deserve it all, you know this. Watch as it gets replaced by him, watch as I slide back on it....watch as I deny you what you want the most, feel that ache...that pleasure...that obedient DEEP pleasure of knowing I'm satisfied and you're.....denied. Now you're learning. What pleases Me, pleases you. Right now, that's HIS dick. Now, Shut up and watch like a good boy in the corner as I orgasm all over your best friends dick.