Kelle Martina

Aching Denial

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Posted: 10/02/2018
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Category: Orgasm Denial
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Handjobs , Tease & Denial , Ball Busting , Female Domination

My slave is lying on the cold floor. His balls have been tied up tightly with thin, black rope for quite some time now. So long, in fact, that they’re starting to turn purple. Let’s see if I can get his dick to match. Did you know that when dicks get really, really hard they turn purple? I bet he’s never cum with his balls tied up tightly like this before.

He’s in for a treat because today I have decided to let him cum but when he does I’m going to pull hard on the rope tied around his balls. The pain may cause him to lose his erection and not be able to orgasm at all but that’s not really my problem. I give his cock a nice, hard slap to give him a taste of what’s to come.

I make sure that his cock is constantly covered in a generous amount of my warm, spit and take my time teasing it whilst periodically yanking on the rope. This isn’t supposed to be entirely pleasurable for him. Interestingly, my t*****e of his balls doesn’t seem to be making his dick any softer. He must like it. He’s such a pervert. Luckily, I enjoy that in a boy.

I find a spot on his cock that feels especially good and rub it with my fingers before aggressively jerking his cock. At this point, his cock is almost matching the color of his balls. I could get him really close and then just stop…

He’s just aching to cum… I love giving pleasure to my slaves painfully. I start stroking his cock with both of my hands. I ask him if he’s going to cum for me even though it’s going to hurt and he says yes. We’ll see…

I decide to up the tempo and go and grab my vibrator. I’m going to f***e that painful orgasm right out of him. I turn it up as high as it with go and press it firmly into his cock, just below the head.

He groans out of pleasure and pain but I’ve grown tired of him. I decide he doesn’t get an orgasm today, after all. I repeatedly slap his useless cock. That’s all that it deserves. Obviously, he should just be tied up and left here throbbing. I tie his cock and balls up even tighter and leave him here to suffer.

My slave learns how cruel I can be.