A Very Farty Day

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Posted: 01/05/2017
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I might be known for being extremely flatulent but it's not always fun... With my dodgy gut, I spent the day filling up with gas almost as soon as I'd released it, feeling uncomfortable, embarrassed and bloated as hell. Filmed over the course of an hour or so, I captured every gas attack that came on, along with lots of belly rubbing and desperate attempts to squeeze the wind out of me which often failed, leading to much wincing as the griping pain churned me up inside. SOme gas even came out the other end with ocasional surprise burps!

I've edited together all those bouts of gas during that hour or so, along with my eventual desperate orgasm as the feeling of my belly gurgling with gas drove me to distraction and made me as horny as hell! I bounced up and down on my dildo for so long that I thought the bed was going to break. After a while I forgot about my gassy gut and started to enjoy myself. I was having so much fun I started laughing a little and had just a fun, fantastic orgasm with a gassy ending!

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