A Trap You Didn't See

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Posted: 07/18/2017
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Category: Femdom POV
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Mindfuck , Latex

You didn't notice that this world was a trap, did you? At least not until you were securely inside. You thought you could still have the upper hand, that these Goddesses were just a bit of jerk material. You thought wanking off was just a normal hobby, until you started to lose control. You underestimated my power and the hold I have over you. Now I know all of your weaknesses, your vulnerabilities, your fetishes and how to exploit them. I know just how to keep you wrapped around my little finger. Yes pet, this was always a slippery slope. You fell, and the "problem" is; you kept stroking the whole way down. You couldn't take your hand off your dick. So you sexualized the pain, the rejection, the fear, the failure, the loss of control. And now here we are. You, weak and submissive for me with no hope of ever breaking free. You locked the door behind yourself and handed me the key. Why don't you go ahead and sexualize your captivity too. Because you don't even really belong to yourself anymore. You belong to me.