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Posted: 05/08/2018
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Category: Giantess
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Big Tits , Shrinking , Tit Worship , POV , Femdom POV

You have received a gift from a friend you've known for a long time. Opening it up, you see a super tiny half inch man(the camera - all pov style) and a note. In the note, it says that he is giving myself to you as a gift and that he has always been attracted to you. He is so small though, you can't even see that it is your friend.

Opening the gift, reading the note(basically describing the description), and reacting to just how small he is (bring the camera close to you, being perplexed by the gift). You are flattered at such a gift but you just don't understand how he thought this was going to go. He is so incredibly tiny, what would you even do with him? The slightest thing could easily crush him into nothing. In fact, you are not even sure you want to "keep him" at all. As you start to explain, you can hear him whimpering, so you try to soothe him by mashing him into your breasts to hug him while having the conversation above (in essence, throw the camera into your cleavage like my last custom). Putting the tiny on the ground, you tell him that you might keep him around. It might be fun to have a little speck trying to survive around you, but you wouldn't go easy on him. He'd have to survive being in your bra and would have to massage it. You'd probably put him in the back of your panties too. Or avoid getting crushed by your foot. (Show off your breasts and ass, and foot when you describe these. Get super close with your foot or touch the camera for that part.) Step over the camera and sit as close (or literally hitting would be better, like you did in my last custom) the camera as you taunt him. Talk about sticking him deep into your ass. Pick him up again, putting him in your cleavage, and tell him that you've decided to keep him, but that he needed to be aware that eventually, he was going to meet his end from you. Ultimately, he would have to serve you with the best of his ability. You are now his goddess. Give the camera a kiss and thank him for his gift. His time as your slave begins now. Decide to give him a starting pressure test: smashing your breasts on top of him over and over again. Keep going and say that you notice that he seems to be getting blue. . is he passing out already. Taunt him the entire time, be super mocking. Vary the speed of the mashing with your breasts as you laugh, noticing that he is passing out. Say that when he wakes up, you will have more in store for him and fade to black.Loads of closeup POV for the giantess lover.