Princess Violette

A Seductive Int0x

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Clip length: 00:30:48
Posted: 03/09/2019
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Category: Mindfuck
Secondary categories:
Mesmerize , Goddess Worship , Financial Domination , Female Domination

In this clip I use my seductive powers to put you out into a fucked up int0xicated state. My soft, gently, soothing, hipnotic voice over powers you. Any resistance you have left inside you effortlessly give up on. You succumb to me. Drink away, jerk slowly and intensely, and don't think about a single thing except for me. Pleasing me. Obeying me. Surrendering to me. I use special manipulation and mindfuckery that leads you down the rabbit hole. You don't know how you ended up here or what exactly happened. All you know is that it feels amazing. Intense pleasure.