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A Mittfull of Canes and Two Bare Hands

Price: $8.99
Clip length: 00:09:06
Posted: 11/02/2017
File size: 142.64 MB
Category: Caning
Secondary categories:
Spanking , Female Domination

This is a blend of caning, percussion and spanking to give a nice wide, lasting warmth with the net result being minimal no no lasting single marks. A slow build of multi-skewer wooden canes, a bamboo cane, and bare handed spanking.

I love the sounds of my tools whooshing through the air and the feel of the canes bouncing against the fresh skin. I grab handfuls of sticks and spread the heat out. My submissive is rocking a paper bag pain slut mask which keeps me in good spirits and keeps their breath close to their face, nice and toasty. I’m in the zone, minimal commentary, with my concentration face. You’ll see hints of my chicken wing type upstrokes as I speed up, not breaking my stride.

About 7.5 mins of canes and 2 of hand spanking, and they went through airport security later that day with a warm ass, no worries, and a long-lasting memory....

Contessa Zoe