A Date With Da

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Posted: 11/23/2015
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Miles gets to stay at home for Veteran’s Day, enjoying his time on the couch watching the game. Zoey Foxx is in a bathing suit, just about to enjoy a dip in the pool. The two have a much needed chat since between work, school, and their personal lives, they never find the time to enjoy fa-dau bonding.

The two haven’t been so close since she was very young, but now that she’s filled out and grown up she has her own life to live.

Miles tells Zoey she looks cute, and asks her to nuzzle up like they used to. She’s a little cold in her bathing suit and welcomes the warmth of her old pop. They talk about cute boys her age and other stuff in her personal life. Miles decides to show Zoey some much needed affection by giving her a kiss. First a peck on the head, then a slow passionate kiss on the lips. Zoey is shocked, but Miles sees his d******r watching him in the shower and decides to go along with it.

One thing leads to another and now the two are bonding like they never have!

Miles eats her young pussy, with the experience none of the boys her age ever had. Eager to please her f****r, Zoey does her best to use her few years of experience with her mouth.

Before fucking Zoey doggystyle, Miles licks her pussy and asshole from behind, a sensation Zoey has never experienced before. Zoey lets Miles know that she wants d's dick, and the two fuck. He proceeds to put her on her back to finish the job, ending in sprinkler of cum across her entire torso.

Maybe now they are both ready for a relaxing dip in the pool.

Fetish Elements: Taboo, Blow Job, Swim Suit, Kissing, Ass Licking, Cumshot, Pussy Licking, Fingering, Fucking, Nudity, Role Play

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