Humiliation by Rene

Your Results Are In

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Posted: 03/06/2017
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Masturbation Instruction , Bi-Sexual , Femdom POV , Gay , Female Domination

Hi! I'm Dr. Rene. I've got the results of your genetic tests here. Looks like you don't have any predisposition for hereditary disorders or diseases. That's great news! It also says here that you've got the genetic marker for being homeosexual. Wait, what? You aren't gay? But it says it right here in your chart and these tests are 99.9% accurate! Haven't you always wondered why you have urges? Come on, stroke it with a BIG dick in your face, you FAG! You know if feels good to stroke off to big gay studs! There's no denying it now, so just give in![Includes f****d bi, femdom pov, cock tease, JOI, gay training, hipnosys, fantasies, medical fetish. Shot in HD.]