Christina Q

You Can't Resist My Ruined Os

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Posted: 09/16/2013
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Category: Ruined Orgasms
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Cum Shots , Handjobs , Bondage

Tons of strappies and some sizzling chemistry in this one. if you like moany, needy types (him, not me, I'm more the flirty-but-cool sort). i don't usually give ruined orgasms to clients unless they ask, but verrrry occasionally, I read a boy as the type who would enjoy(?) a destroyed orgasm. I have never been wrong, and this is probably the most right I've been, so far. :) Recommended.

And for those of you who enjoy some more behind-the-scenes type footage, I've included a little candid moment from me, after the session, still flushed and excited from doing a killer femdom session with awesome chemistry--musing, briefly, on what makes a ruined orgasm so sexy, and when it works best.


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