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Tricked and Blackmailed by bratty step-d4ughter

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Posted: 04/10/2013
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I don't know why m0m ever married you. I can see the way you look at me and it's fucking gross.. I always knew you were a pervert! That's why I decided to snoop through your computer and I found you on all those gross sex hookup websites!! Disgusting!! So I made a fake profile and I tricked you for weeks, talking to you online and getting you to send me pics of your gross tiny dick, getting you to jerk off on webcam for me and confess your sick fantasies of licking girls feet! Haha you are such a sick creep!! Unless you want these pics, recordings and chatlogs being shown to m0m, you're gonna have to do whatever I want from now on! That's right "d4ddy", you're gonna let me borrow your car, give me money, let me sneak my boyfriend into the house, AND you're gonna do my homework and my chores while I'm out with my friends and tell m0m that I did them myself! Hahaha you're my bitch now d4d!!