Christina Q

Stroked to Sadness

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Clip length: 00:11:59
Posted: 02/08/2014
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Category: Female Domination
Secondary categories:
Orgasm Denial , Orgasm Control , Bondage

Sealed up this cutiepie in my new and invigorated bodysheathe. (Basically, just added a zipper. Ta-da! Brilliant!) Despite the fact that I thought he was super cute, and pretty charming, I resisted the urge to give this denial addict a slippery, latex-laden HJ explosion. Even when he tried to change my mind, tried to offer me extra money, begged, whined, even cried a little. I think that if you come to visit me, at this point, you should anticipate two things:

1. I will be wearing pantyhose.2. If you request denial, I will send you home blue-balled and needy.

I try to keep my promises with this stuff. If I say I'm going to deny your orgasm, then let you cum, you'll never take me seriously, and this kinky stuff loses some potency--for both of us. So, when you ask me to withhold your orgasm, make sure that's what you reallllly want, because I promise to fulfill all your wretched desperate climax-free fantasies. :)